That's So 90's


(Blazer : Vero Moda (old), Top : Forever 21, Jeans : Noisy May, Boots : Zaful, Jewelry : The Peach Box, Watch : Cluse, Sunglasses : Rayban)

Hi everyone!

The 90's trend isn't going where soon so I decided to embrace it and created this updated minimal outfit, a little ode to one of my fave decades. This decade was the best yet, from the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Pokemon, Tomogachi, Sailor moon, Gameboy and Dunkaroos just to name a few of my favourite things.

Also...OMG I'm wearing colour?! Just joking, denim is considered a neutral to me...haha
I literally can't believe I am wearing light coloured denim and them being a straight cut "mom jeans"
I am always very weary of denim trends, but I decided I wanted to try something new!
After my five hour hunt for the perfect high waisted "mom" jeans (which was very tiring) I found these babies and now I cant take them off. Just goes to show you, trying something new doesn't hurt.

What are your favourite things from the 90's?

Thanks for reading,

Christine xo

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