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Products ( left to right) : Taro (low steroid cream), Dermae Skin Lighten Cream, Curcumin pills, Jamieson Vitamin E Oil, Bio Oil, PC Coconut Oil, Vaseline, Omega pills, Cortizone Cream

*DISCLAIMER : These are my experiences using these specific products, this is not a sponsored post* These products have been purchased in store*

Taro (low steriod cream)

Usually for cases where ezcema is very severe, a doctor would prescribe a steriod cream to help control the effects of ezcema. I used to use a lot of steriod creams when I was young, without knowing the effects on my skin. I developed odd areas of my skin where it thinned out and there is discolouration. So if you feel like you have/need steriod creams talk to your doctor to find a low dose, that can help control the development of more problems areas. So far because of my new skincare regimen I have been using less of my steriod cream!

Dermae Skin Lighten Cream

I have been using this cream for about 3 and half weeks and I am starting to see visible results! It is nothing drastic, but having areas of my skin that have been dark for years now they are safely starting to fade with the help of this cream. It is a organic based cream that uses naturally found products to help lighten skin. I found this cream at my local health food store, and I did research this cream before purchasing it. There was another customer in the store who overheard my conversation, with the associate and she vouched for the product! I have been using it on my face to treat my old ance scars, and my skin is literally night and day on my face!

Curcumin pills

This was recommend by a blogger I have been following since I started on Instagram.
I've felt my body transform from the inside as soon as I started taking curcumin/turmeric.
So curcumin, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which derives from turmeric. Not only does it help clean up your bloodstream, but it helps to promote a healthy gut! Since using the power and curcunmin pills I've seen my stomach feel and look slimmer and I haven't had as many itch attacks from ezcema. I like to mix  turmeric powder with soy milk; it's such a refreshing and healthy alternative to coffee or tea.

Jamieson Vitamin E Oil

This oil is seriously a magic potion! I use it everyday and I have seen the most drastic results.
Use this oil on areas of your skin that have the most reoccurring eczema tricky eczema spots; it will help to seal the spot, ease the itch and help moisturizer your skin too. Use can also this oil on acne scars. I like to mix the vitamin e oil with coconut oil so I will get double the amount of moisture on my skin.

Bio Oil

I have been using Bio oil for years and it never disappoints. Unfortunately since my eczema was very severe I have years of scarring Bio Oil was only able to help my new scars or uneven skin tone. I love using this with a mix of coconut oil at night, so my skin can be moisturized all night. 


Vaseline is literally my BFF. It solves multiple of skin problems, and it has the best effect during the cold winter months. Anyone who has a skin condition knows that your skin gets cracked and even more inflamed during the winter months ,because of the dry air. I use a mix of Vaseline and coconut oil to keep my skin looking and feeling great, plus it is less messy than using Vaseline all over your skin, and ruining your clothes!

Coconut oil

You've heard me mention coconut oil throughout my post and it is really a secret weapon against any skin condition. I do not use any products with perfume ( because it can irritate your skin) so using coconut oil naturally makes your skin glow and smell great. I love mixing coconut oil with everything, and I think you should try it too! If you don`t like mixing it with Vaseline or heavier cream try mixing it with skin friendly creams like Aveeno and Jergens. I even cook with it!

Coritzone Cream 

This cream is my life saver when I`m itchy on the go. I tend to use this cream a lot when I`m at home or at work because of external environment can impact the way your skin reacts. I tend to get flare ups when I am around alot of dust and allergens or unclean spaces. Since developing my own skincare regimen I have not been using this cream alot (yay) but recently I got some mosquito bites this was my go to. This is also another great multipurpose product!

Bonus Tips :

Take your vitamins! Along with a proper skincare regimen, you also need to help your skin from the inside out. I can stress how important it is to have a proper balance of omega vitamins in your diet to help your skin feel and look better. 

Thank you for reading my tips and experiences and I hope I helped you in anyway!

If you have any of your tips and comments please let me know below,

Christine xo

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